The Menu

Your dinner will be cooked and served by "The Happy Gurkas" - a team of retired Gurkas and their immediate families.  The importance and bravery of the Gurkas during the First World War (and second) is well documented - more details <here>. 

Peppard Revels warmly welcome The Happy Gurkas to our celebration of the end of WW1 a hundred years ago.

Main Course

Chicken Phagu Jhol

– boneless chicken marinated in ginger and turmeric.


Lamb Methi Ghost Limbu

– boneless lamb cooked with fenugreek leaves and spinach.


Binod Vegetable Takari

– tomato based, vegetable curry cooked with fresh herbs and is suitable for Vegans.


All our curries mild and are served with a generous portion of
steamed Basmati rice, aloo dum and fresh coriander.


The Kick!

To compliment the curries, we offer a choice of achars of various heats!
Achars are pickles and relishes. 
Simply spice and heat up your curry according to your palate.



An array of locally made gateaux and fresh cream.