Sunday 11th November 2018



From 3pm until 5pm at Peppard War Memorial Hall

WW1 Memorabilia Exhibition, with Teas and Cake.


An exhibition telling the stories of the men from Peppard

who lost their lives fighting in the first world wars. 

Some young, some older and in one case a father and his son.


Free admission and parking


Teas and Cakes kindly provided by the WI.


7:05pm, on Peppard Top Common,

we will be joining 1200 other villages across the UK

by lighting the beacon to represent

the light that came out of the darkness of war

when the guns fell silent on 

11th November 1918.


Music, drinks, bread and

hot soup cooked especially for the occassion and donated 

by The Unicorn Pub, Kingwood Common.


Free admission and parking.   

Please arrive by 6:45pm.


Part of the “Battle’s Over”  national tribute & recognition of those who gave their lives.