Peppard Revels

The original Peppard Revels are reputed to have been rather bawdy and drunken events that took place on the (Peppard) Common in the eighteenth century.  The Revels were revived in the modern form at the end of 1999 to welcome in the new Millennium and continue to host events on the Common to celebrate national and local events.

Also, each year over winter, Peppard Revels hosts five film nights.  Usually in October, November, January, February and March.  Tickets (purchased in advance) are £10 and include the film, a meal and glass of wine


What's happening 

We're back  - starting October 8th 2021 with Notting Hill.   

More details about the Film Nights here

None planned at the moment - keep watching this space for news - 

More details about Revels Events here

If you would like to help with a film night or one of the events please let us know - we would love to hear from you....

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